The Lamdon school

For tibetan, "education is the way to the light"
Where the name school lamdon
lam = the way
don = light

Lamdon society

The Lamdon School was founded in 1973 by Lamdon Society, a charitable organization that operates solely through private donations, primarily from India.
Its objective is to enable poor children in remote villages of Ladakh and Zanskar access to modern education while emphasizing their traditional culture.

The Lamdon Society now manages nine schools in Ladakh and Zanskar, schools with 3000 children including 1300 in Leh where are those we sponsor. Mr. Eshey Tundup is the Principal (Director) current Lamdon School Leh.
Children learn 3 languages: The Ladakhi (near Tibetan), Hindi and English. They also study mathematics, science, history, geography and computer science.
They practice various cultural activities such as music and dance, and sports. A large library is available to the children.

Education system

The educational structure of the Lamdon School in Leh "10 +2" is the same as the most common in India.
10 years of basic education, followed by two years of upper secondary education.
At the end of ten years of basic study, certificate of secondary education (Secondary School Certificate) is awarded to students who pass the examinations organized by the competent State or the Central Board of Secondary Education.
Those who wish to pursue their higher studies continue another 2 years to pass the higher secondary school certificate or Certificate Examination of the twelfth degree (Higher Secondary Certificate or Standard XII examination certificate).
This certificate is the prerequisite basis for entry into undergraduate programs of Indian Universities.