Children of Ladakh and Zanskar

Families of Ladakh and Zanskar live in the villages of the high Himalayan valleys that lie at an average altitude of 3500m.

Most parents are farmers and breeders
They grow mainly peas, barley and wheat used to feed the family throughout the year. They raise Yack of Dzo and Dzomo (yak crossing with cattle) and goats that give this coveted cashmere wool in the world. Some also raise horses very used to carry all the equipment for hikers during the summer, horses also highly prized by the Indian army. Some farmers sometimes have government job as a teacher, policeman, engineer, etc., which will enable them to live more comfortably, but these revenues are insufficient to support a family.

Life of farmer in this altitude is rude and families are poor
So parents aspire to a better life and less harsh for their children. The government school does not allow them to attend school full so they hope to enter one of their children to a school where they can receive an education and long- term quality.

Financially, rare are families that can pay tuition
It is between the ages of 5 and 7 years that the child leaves his family to join the Lamdon School Leh, remote on average 10 to 12 days of operation. Children of Zanskar will not go home more than once a year, during the summer, passes are closed from October due to snow.

Sponsored child is both an opportunity and a huge happyness for parents, it is hope for a better future.